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Liquid Membranes

Kitchens, rooftops, planter boxes, retaining walls  and bathrooms that are constantly exposed to water is where waterproofing is required by using a 3 coat system of either  a water based or a solvent based membrane, this will enable these areas to have a complete seal.

The first coat, being a primer which will bond to the dry and stable substrate.  After drying, a bead of poly urethane sealant is pumped around all perimeters of the area to allow movement to wall and floor joints. A second coat of membrane which will bond to the primed surface area will give you the first full layer of waterproofing.

The third coat is applied over the second and this is the finish coat, after 48hours the waterproofed area can commence tiling. Using the team’s knowledge we will provide the right materials for the job. 

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