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About Complete Seal & Injection

Complete Seal and Injection  have specialised in waterproofing products and systems for decades. These systems protect and preserve buildings and structure Australia Wide.

Whether the subject is restoration of a building, waterproofing of a new building, joint sealing, concrete crack injection or waterproofing of roofs/facades/wet areas/retaining walls, rest assured with our comprehensive knowledge Complete Seal have the optimum solutions of every aspect of waterproofing.

Which preventive waterproofing measure offers the best solution? The causes and factors are numerous, the construction material, physical conditions, ground water levels, climate and many others. Many years of experience using a logical approach to provide lasting solutions and a high product quality form the basis for Complete Seal and Injection’s reputation as a reliable partner in the building industry.

Complete Seal and Injection use a wide range of Australian products and our suppliers back our warranties and workmanship for up to 25 years.

Expert advice on site is very often a necessity for a successful and suitable application of Complete Seal and Injection’s waterproofing products and systems.

Your reliable partner in construction.

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